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The Best Build a Blog Step By Step Training You’ll Ever Find

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how to build a successful blog training

When it comes to blogging, the opportunities are endless! The hardest part is getting started. 

What are the necessary steps to create a successful blog?

If you look for answers online, everybody has their own checklists that say do this or do that. It all gets overwhelming very quickly!

Many of them tell you how to make your blog successful once it’s up, but they say nothing about how to go about creating it.

If you ask for help with the basics, you’ll likely be told to “look it up” or “Google it”! Or you’ll have to pay for additional training.

When I first considered blogging several years ago, I was overwhelmed by the number of “must have checklists” I found.

None of them were the same. Did that mean I had to combine and follow all of them?

It was all too overwhelming, so I put the idea of blogging to the back of my mind.

How I Got Started as a Blogger

A couple years later, I was looking for a way to make up the difference between my income and expenses.

My third son had been born just a few months before, and we were really struggling financially.

Every month, our expenses exceeded our income by several hundred dollars. The little savings we had was quickly disappearing.

I was starting to panic.

Just as I had several times in the past, I started looking online for a way to make some extra money from home.

With a full-time job and three kids, I felt like finding a way to make money online was the only option I had.

I spent hours consuming article after article.

There were more opportunities to make money online than I’d ever dreamed of.

The problem was most of them were just like my day job. They paid by the hour.

That meant that, as long as I was able to work consistent hours after getting home from my full-time job, I might barely be able to scrape by.

How was I supposed to do that with three boys at home?

I didn’t think working 18 hour days every single week for the rest of time was an acceptable solution.

What I really needed was something I could work on from home that still brought in income when I had to take time off.

I remembered the research I’d done years before on blogging.

It’d be exactly what I needed if I could only find some step by step training that took me from absolute zero knowledge to having a successful website.

The Best Build a Blog Step By Step Training You’ll Ever Find

create a blog training

One day, late at night, I was looking, again for a way to get started as a blogger.

This time, I found a resource that was different than all the others I’d seen before.

Not only did it have the precise, step-by-step training that I was looking for, but it had so so much more.

To give you an idea of the training it had, I have the list below. This is not a full list of everything there, it’d be several times longer if I was to list everything out!

The training is offered in task-based checklists that you can mark off upon completion so you know where you’re at.

  • Guidelines for deciding what your blog should be about
  • Finding & Purchasing a Good Domain Name
  • Build a Free Website to Test Out the Website Builder
  • How to Build Your Own Website in Under 5 Minutes (With a Website Building Tool that Does the Job For You)
  • Guidelines to Set Up Your Menus and Website Content
  • How to Set Up Your Website so It’ll Be Indexed By Google
  • Instructions for Writing Articles that People Will Actually Want to Read
  • What Are Keywords and How Can You Use them to Get Traffic to Your Website? (Along with a FREE keyword tool!)
  • How do You Get People to Return to Your Website?
  • The Power of Social Media
  • Guidelines for MAKING MONEY from your blog. What are your Options as a Blogger?
  • How Can You Earn Dollars Instead of Just Pennies?
  • What Makes One Blog Successful while Another Never Takes Off?
  • Create a Roadmap for Success for your Blog

I’ll be honest, when I saw everything being offered, I didn’t believe it. Nothing could be that comprehensive could it?

I’d seen dozens of different training modules and most of them barely covered even 10% of the things in the list above.

I would have written this training off as another online scam (I’d run into way too many to count over the years), but it was free for me to get started.

What Did I Have to Lose?

Since it was free, I thought why not try it?

I know what you’re thinking because I thought the same thing.

It’s “free” but I have to enter my credit card information don’t I?

These days “free” means the following: “If you enter your credit card number, we’ll give you free access for a limited amount of time. If you forget to cancel, we’ll charge you for the service. Probably every month too.”

Expecting this training to be the same, I signed up. I waited for the form to fill out my credit card information, but I didn’t have to.

My account was created and I had full access to everything they had to offer.

It was a limited trial, but the trial was a full 7 days so I could see everything I’d be paying for If chose to become a paid member.

If I didn’t like it, I could keep a free account for as long as I wanted. The free account had access to the first set of training modules and the free website builder.

How many times have you paid for something, hoping it’d be what you wanted, only to be disappointed?

That’s happened too many times for me to count!

This time, I got to see everything.

The only way to describe the next seven days is to say they were amazing!

In that time, I got several test websites up and running, for free. I got to have a free website to play with when I signed up.

I was up for hours every night just going through the training and trying each of the tools they had to offer.

By the end of the week, I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

You Also Get More Tools Than Any Other Training Service Will Ever Offer

I’ve gone over a brief summary of what you’ll find in the training. (Honestly, I barely scratched the surface. There’s way more!).

You also get a set of tools that you will not find offered with any other training:

  • Website Builder that Can Have Your Website Up From Start to Finish In Under 5 Minutes
  • Free Keyword Tool: If you want to get any significant traffic from Google, you need a Keyword Tool. The training explains why. My first two years as a blogger, I was paying $20 a month for one and it was well worth it! Now it’s offered as a free tool for you as soon as you sign up.
  • Weekly Live Trainings: If the Step-by-Step Task-Based training wasn’t enough, there is also weekly live training courses. They dive into a wide variety of blogging subjects to help your blog be as successful as possible.
  • Site Feedback: If you’ve already got a website, you can get feedback on what looks good and what could be improved. I’ve found the feedback I’ve gotten to be invaluable!
  • Site Comments: One way to increase your rankings in Google is by engaging with your readers. How do you engage with them though if they never leave comments? The service provides a way to guarantee you’ll get comments on your website if you’re willing to return the favor and do the same for another member.
  • Site Support: If something goes wrong with your website, the site support team responds very quickly. My problems are usually resolved in just a few short minutes if I have any.

Even though I was really struggling financially, I knew I’d be much better off with their training and tools than trying to make it on my own. I paid for the first month with a credit card. (It was only $19)

With my blog, I was able to make up the difference I needed to support my family. It’s made such a difference for me in so many areas of my life and I know you’ll enjoy it just as much as I do!

How to Get Started

If your head has been spinning trying to get everything figured out for your blog, I encourage you to sign up and try it!

There’s nothing to lose when you sign up.

Don’t enter your credit card number. Before paying a cent for it, please look through everything and try it! Take full advantage of the 7-day free trial.

You’ll see that you really are getting everything I listed above and so much more! If it’s not for you, that’s ok.

Find me there and ask me any questions you have.

If you’ve been struggling with a specific area of your blog, I’d love the opportunity to help you!

The best part about blogging is it gives you the chance to help those around you.

By sharing your experiences, you can save others money, time, and pain you’ve gone through yourself in different areas of your life.

There’s nothing better than getting paid to help others and that is exactly what blogging is.

If all you need is build a blog step-by-step training, click here to get started!

What difference would step-by-step training make on your blog? Do you feel overwhelmed with all there is to do when it comes to blogging? Let me know and ask any questions you have by leaving a comment below!



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4 thoughts on “The Best Build a Blog Step By Step Training You’ll Ever Find

  1. Wow this makes me want to sign up! I have had a blog for almost a year now and thought I was proud of it but once I looked at it I knew I needed a change.

    I do not have kids but I love how you found something to help you achieve financially and still be with your children! How long have you been training or are you finished?

    1. It’s been almost three years since I started. I’ve gone through and finished the training multiple times. One thing you learn as a blogger is things are always changing and you’re never really done learning. I love that the training there is constantly being updated to reflect that!

  2. This is a great post because it puts a concise structure around the scope of a blog project in a straightforward manner. It’s an ideal starting point and time saver with the condenses checklist that you provided. I appreciate your personal story as a mother and what motivated you to consider blogging. Thanks!

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