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After 4 Boys, We’re Having a Little Girl! Here’s How We’re Saving Money

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having a baby on a budget

I’m so excited to share with you today that we’re expecting our first baby girl early in July!

After four boys, I was starting to wonder if I was going to be one of those moms that only has boys.

When I found out we were having a girl, I was ecstatic!

I know many of you probably think I’m crazy for being pregnant with my fifth baby (I wonder that myself on days that are particularly difficult).

However, the blessing of being a mom has meant so much to me. Each of my kids has added more to my life then I could’ve ever imagined.

It’s not easy having so many kids. It sure keeps me on my toes, but I love it and we do our best!

It’s so amazing to me to watch each of my boys grow up and to see their personalities develop. I love being able to teach my boys to work together and help them develop the qualities that will help them be successful as they grow older.

As a mom, you truly do have the power to shape their lives and it all starts when they’re young.

I’ve approached this pregnancy a lot differently than I have my past ones.

We’ve found some great ways to save money as we prepare for our little girl and I’ve also done a lot to prevent complications I experienced during previous pregnancies.

What’s Different this Pregnancy

This pregnancy has been very different from my others.

I haven’t had the easiest pregnancies. Honestly, does anybody have easy pregnancies? If you do, please tell me your secrets!

However, of all of my pregnancies, I’d say this one has been the easiest so far.

In the past, I’ve had extreme morning sickness, SPD, Diastasis Recti, Prodromal Labor, and more.

This time, I’d say the hardest part has been I’m really exhausted a lot of the time. Now that I’m close to the end, I’ve also been experiencing sciatic pain off and on. That’s nothing compared to complications I’ve had in the past.

Overall, it’s been amazing and the most pain-free pregnancy I’ve ever had! The closer we get to my due date the more excited I get. My boys are just as excited to meet their little sister.

Because some of my past pregnancies were quite difficult, I’ve done things a lot differently this time around. I hoped that, by doing so, I’d be able to avoid the complications I’ve had in past pregnancies.

What I’ve Done Differently This Time Around

1) Exercise is a High Priority

My first couple pregnancies, I didn’t exercise like I should have…at all! 

I’m embarrassed to admit that exercise during my first couple pregnancies meant I started walking a couple times a week at the end of my third trimester when I felt ready to have the baby.

Other than that, I did nothing! I didn’t think exercise during pregnancy was safe for myself or the baby.

Because of this, it’s no wonder my body was in such bad shape after my first two pregnancies!

This pregnancy, I’ve focused a lot on including pregnancy safe exercises in my routine a couple times a week.

The difference it has made has been amazing!

In my second trimester, I lifted light weights and did light cardio.

Now that I’m at the end, most of my workouts consist of pelvic floor exercises and brisk walking. Making sure to exercise consistently has made this pregnancy my easiest so far!

2) We Finally Stick to a Regular Routine (Most of the Time)

I don’t know how your schedule or routine looks, but ours was almost nonexistent during my past pregnancies.

For the most part, I let life happen however it did. I didn’t take control of anything.

We went to work when it was time to work, we ate dinner when we got home, then we watched a movie or went to visit a friend afterward because what else is there?

A lot actually.

When we did things this way, our house was usually a mess. The kids never finished their homework. Nights were a constant struggle of why do I have to go to bed now?

Mornings were the most stressful part of the day because nobody had gone to bed at a reasonable hour so everybody was tired, crying, and ornery.

We were lucky if we ate breakfast each morning and were rarely on time to where we needed to be.

To sum it up, we were a mess!

This time, we’ve focused a ton on putting a strict routine in place for our family.

It shouldn’t have taken four kids before we started doing that, but now that we are, I feel like I can breathe easy. I’m not constantly stressed out and I get to enjoy the time I spend with my kids. We’re no longer struggling every single day to just make it to the end.

Our routine has also given me time to prepare for our baby and to save a lot of money in the process.

How We’re Saving on Baby Items

When we first found out we were having a girl, I realized we don’t have any girl items in our home.

No clothes, shoes, blankets, baby supplies, or anything else.

how to save for a baby

With only boys, we haven’t really needed any.

I started getting really worried about how we were going to afford to have our little girl.

Having a baby is expensive, but the first boy/girl is always the most expensive because you don’t have anything from previous pregnancies.

I started looking at baby girl clothes each time we were at the store and my heart would sink. We couldn’t afford $10+ an outfit!

With our budget, we needed something along the lines of 50 cents an item.

I put together a list of things we needed and this is how we saved money getting ready for our little girl.

1) Buy Clothes Secondhand

After leaving a couple shopping trips empty-handed, I realized there was no way we were ever going to afford buying new clothes for our baby.

Instead, I bought clothes from the local thrift stores and watched the classifieds. I kept my eye out for a big lot of baby girl clothes that was in our price range.

It took a couple months before one showed up, but because I’d been watching for it, I was able to get it when one did.

The lot I found ended up having all the clothes and shoes you could need (and more) for a baby girl up until she turned 2. It also only cost about 20 cents an item!

They were nice clothes and most of them still looked new.

I sorted through all of it, pulled out only what we needed, and resold the rest. That way, I was able to get all of our baby girl clothes for really cheap and even make some of the money back!

2) We’re Using Our Boy Blankets

After four boys, we’ve collected a good amount of boy blankets. Most from friends and family, a few from the store.

We have a few girl blankets from grandparents, but if we need any others, we’ll be using the same ones our boys did.

The great thing about boy blankets is, most of them can be used for a boy or a girl!

3) We’re Also Using the Same Carseats, Strollers, and Swings that Our Boys Used

Other than clothes, anything we used for our boys, we’re also planning on using for our baby girl.

There’s really no need to go out and buy the same items just to get it in a girl color.

If it really bothers you to have the colors off, I would spend the money on a couple boy/girl blankets instead.

You can cover a boy swing with a girl blanket. If you have a girl car seat, you can get a boy’s car seat cover set that is less than half the price of a new car seat.

4) Plan Ahead and Buy a Little Bit at a Time

As soon as we found out we were pregnant, I started stocking up on baby items.

Each month, I saved a little money from the budget for diapers, wipes, formula ingredients, bottles, and everything else we would need for our baby.

This gave me 8 months to plan out what we’d need and to prepare.

By cutting out a small amount from our budget each month, we have just about everything ready now without the huge expense that usually comes with getting ready for a baby.

Now We Just Need to Wait!

Besides a few postpartum care items, we’re ready for our little girl!

We’re so excited to meet her and so thankful for the family we’ve been blessed with!

budgeting for baby

How do you save money preparing for a new baby? Have you found your later pregnancies to be easier than your first? Let me know by leaving a comment below!



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