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What is the MuTu System? Will it Heal Abdominal Separation?

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This review was not sponsored, I paid full price for the MuTu system because I was desperately looking for a way to heal my severe case of abdominal separation, also known as Diastasis Recti.

I’d tried quite a few things and although some had helped, none had fully healed the separation. I still looked several months pregnant even though my baby was more than six months old! That changed when I went through the MuTu system. 

what is postpartum abdominal separation

After My Third Son, I Found out I Had Abdominal Separation

A couple months after my third son was born, I learned I had a severe case of diastasis recti (abdominal separation).

Until that time, I had never heard of the condition.

I didn’t know your abdominal muscles could split apart during your pregnancy leaving a gap for your internal organs to poke out through.

All I knew was after my son was born, I’d been exercising religiously. I’d done way more than I ever had after my first two kids to rebuild my body, but I felt weaker every day.

Every time I exercised, it looked like a football was protruding out of my stomach.

It wasn’t pretty and I knew it was getting worse. I felt nauseous each time I saw it.

My postpartum body was worlds different than I’d experienced after my first two pregnancies.

When I realized I had diastasis recti, all the symptoms I was experiencing finally came together. (The football poking out of my stomach, incontinence, extreme weakness in my back and pelvic floor, a “pregnant” belly, and more.)

Knowing surgery wasn’t an option, I tried workout after workout that was supposed to correct diastasis recti. I prayed the separation would heal.

To my relief, it did start to get a little bit better, but the separation was still just over two finger widths.

A Friend Recommended a Program That Had Repaired Her Abdominal Separation

I heard about the MuTu system from another mom who had experienced the same thing I was going through. She’d had great results with it and highly recommended it, so I decided to give it a try. 

I wasn’t far into the program at all before I started seeing a big, noticeable difference in my body and how I felt.

Where everything else I tried, did little or nothing to heal the separation, the MuTu system helped me to understand what was going on with my body and what I needed to do to correct it.

By the time I finished the program, my abdominal separation had healed completely. From my ribs down to below my belly button, the gap between my muscles was less than one finger width.

who is mutu system for

What is the MuTu System?

The MuTu system is a 12-week program created by Wendy Powell to help postpartum mothers build and sustain core and pelvic floor strength.

Before creating the program, Wendy spent years working with postpartum mothers to help them correct conditions like diastasis recti, postpartum hernias, pelvic organ prolapse and more.

She put together diets, workout programs and routines for her clients to help them fully recover after their baby was born.

As she saw client after client, Wendy recognized that a most of them had the same issues and misconceptions about exercise after a baby.

She recognized the need for a comprehensive program to guide postpartum mothers through the process of safely rebuilding their body after a baby.

To answer that need, she created the MuTu System

Who is the MuTu System For?

  • Postpartum Mothers
  • Pregnant Mothers Looking to Sustain Pelvic Strength
  • Mothers Experiencing any kind of Incontinence
  • Mothers with Diastasis Recti, Hernias, or Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Anybody experiencing unusual weakness in their back and core muscles.
  • Anybody needing to strengthen their core and pelvic floor

As I mentioned above, I had a pretty big gap between my muscles when I started the program.

I wasn’t expecting the separation to be healed completely (I didn’t think that was possible) but I hoped it could get significantly smaller.

To my relief and excitement, it wasn’t long before I finally started seeing results myself.

I should have taken pictures of how awful my stomach looked because it was really bad.

Picture half of a huge football poking out through your abdominal muscles. (The football is really your internal organs.)

That is exactly how my stomach looked.

No amount of exercise helped. In fact, it made it worse. It turns out though, I was doing the wrong kind of exercise.

When I started the MuTu System, it took a bit for me to adjust to a completely different kind of exercise but, within a few short weeks, I started seeing and feeling a noticeable difference in the separation.

By the end of the 12 weeks, the gap was less than one finger width (normal size!).

The Entire Program has Been Updated

I loved the original version of the MuTu system when I went through it, but, as of January 2018, the entire program has been redesigned.

With the recent redesign it is easier to use and a lot easier to connect with other postpartum mothers.

  • The workout videos are much easier to follow and keep up with than the original videos were.
  • Videos take no more than 30 minutes a day to complete. The first couple weeks of the program, they are barely over 10 minutes. 
  • You don’t have to go to Facebook to connect with other moms and share your experience, you can do it right through your MuTu account.
  • Each week is split into very organized, structured modules.
  • It includes pregnancy modifications for each video in case you’re pregnant while you’re going through the program.
  • Every week has downloadable videos so you can watch offline if you need. They also have pdf workouts (cheat sheets) to help you keep track of each exercise in the videos.
  • The modules are structured so that you can see at a glance everything you need to do that week. As you complete each item, you can mark it off to easily keep track of your progress. In each module you’ll find:
    • A list of equipment
    • Explanatory and instructional videos to help you understand the current phase of healing you’re in.
    • Workouts that need to be done each day that week.
    • All other tasks that need to be completed that week
    • Mutu Food instructions

Here is an example of what you’ll see in each module.

This is the first week of the program. 

It has all the steps that need to be completed that week in a task-based format so you can check them off as you complete them. 


As you go through the program, you’ll feel your core and pelvic floor getting stronger every week. (If you go through it and aren’t happy with your results or don’t feel like you got your money’s worth, Wendy and her team will refund your payment.)

Ever since I healed my diastasis recti, I always include pelvic workouts in my exercise routine to maintain my core and pelvic floor strength.

Once I saw the redesign, I started going through the program again instead of doing my regular pelvic floor workouts. The new updates are pretty amazing.

Another great thing is, when you buy it, you have lifetime access. As updates and improvements to the program are published, you get automatic access to everything in it at no extra cost (just like I did with the latest redesign). 

Wendy’s MuTu system is what helped me to lose my “pregnant” belly when nothing else would work. As you go through it, I know you’ll love it as much as I do!

Are you experiencing symptoms of diastasis recti? Are you wondering if the MuTu system can work for you or have you already tried it? Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have by leaving a comment below. I do answer all of them!


heal diastasis recti completely



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8 thoughts on “What is the MuTu System? Will it Heal Abdominal Separation?

  1. oh I loved reading your article! I feel like so many moms go through the same thing sometimes never knowing it and sometimes just not speaking about it! im glad you brought it up cause I went through the same thing! looks pretty interesting! I might look into it. thank you for sharing!

  2. Pregnancy is a wonderful but very extreme thing. This seems like an awesome alternative to surgery. I was a little intimidated about the system at first because it seemed like it might be a large time commitment (and with a baby or toddler time is short). It was good to hear that it is only ten or twenty minutes a day. I’ll definitely have to try this out!

    1. I too worried about the time commitment because you don’t have much spare time with a new baby! However, Wendy, being a mom herself, made it so that the videos don’t take much time at all.
      I’d recommend this even more mother’s who don’t have diastasis recti because it does so much to strengthen your pelvic floor. I’ve watched hours of free youtube videos that are supposed to do the same but none were as easy to follow as the MuTu system is ever since the update earlier this year.

  3. Hi! I have Diastasis Recti, and though my youngest child is over 2, I’m wondering if I can benefit from the MuTu program. The problem is, my ob-gyn told me that the only way to fix my DR was to get a tummy tuck, and said that physical therapy wouldn’t work to close the gap. I guess mine is pretty severe, at least a few fingers wide. I’m hesitant to invest the money if I won’t see real results, but there is no way I’m having surgery! You mention your gap was pretty wide, had you been told anything similar by a doctor? Did you add in any other exercises to get the excellent results you did? Thanks!

    1. Hi Megan,
      Yes, I think you can definitely benefit from the MuTu program program. I can’t guarantee that it’ll heal the separation entirely but, mine too was pretty bad (almost four finger widths) and it has now closed.

      When I was looking into how to heal it, all the resources I found said the only option for a case like mine was surgery. However, I found many mothers saying the conditioned reoccurred after their surgery. The reason for this was the underlying problem was never fixed. You can’t get surgery to strengthen weak muscles. You can get the tummy tuck but, it’s likely your stomach will go back to how it was before the surgery over time.

      The MuTu System is not a quick fix but it’ll strengthen your pelvic floor and your inner abdominals to fix the problem instead of bandage it.

      I understand the hesitancy to invest money in something that might not work, but if the only other option is surgery, Wendy’s program is World’s cheaper and a more permanent solution. I also use these pelvic exercises. I’d recommend starting with these then maybe trying Wendy’s program if you feel you need more personalized help.


  4. Hi, I just started the system. I completed the first module. Are the expertises the same in the second or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Annie,

      The exercises are very similar in the second module but they’re with a little more intensity and/or movements depending on the exercise. Some also use the band or exercise ball more in the 2nd module.


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