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How to Give Back as a Blogger and Why You Should

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Any blogger will tell you that blogging is hard work! Especially the first six months!

It’s much more work than anybody thinks it will be when they first get into it.

Honestly, if you’re just getting started, and you knew how much work it was going to take to build your blog, you’d probably quit now.

That’s why, out of the thousands of blogs that exist today, only a small handful become five or six-figure blogs.

That small number of successful bloggers have figured out that the key to a successful blog is helping the people around you.

The magic formula is giving back!

Your job is to help your audience and provide value to them. Why not take it a step further and help your fellow bloggers as well?

It’s so easy, it’ll cost you nothing extra, and it could make the difference between whether they succeed or fail.

If you’ve been blogging long at all, you know bloggers go through quite a roller coaster as they get their blog up and running.

To give you an idea of what that looks like, here is what happened when I first started blogging.

My Blogging Roller Coaster – The First 6 Months

Below is a post I actually wrote several years ago after I had been blogging for just a few months.

Month 1: My thoughts on blogging:

– People really make money that way? Is that a real job?

– I could never do that, I don’t know how to build a website!

– Who would ever be interested in reading about what I had to write?

– Maybe I’ll try it, what do I have to lose.

Month 2:

-I’m getting no sleep but this is really cool! I’m blazing through the training and it really is something that anybody can do!

– I’d recommend blogging to everybody! Why don’t more people do it for an additional side income?

– I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten in such a short amount of time using this training!

Month 3:

Oh my word, this is hard work! I’ve spent countless hours and made less than $50!0verwhelmed blogger

– I would never recommend this to anybody who wasn’t determined to stick with it!

– Blogging is a real job, it’s hard work, it takes more dedication than any job I’ve ever had.

– Blogging is not something you do on the side, you think about it every day, you’re always looking for ways to expand and build. Always looking for ways to reach more people…and you get almost no return from it initially

– I’ve hit that three-month wall…how in the world do I push through this!

Month 4:

– I think I hate my blog…no I definitely hate my blog. It takes up more time than I ever imagined, I’m already working 2 full-time jobs and getting no sleep. I want to just give up. I can’t believe I ever considered recommending this to someone!

– Took a week off from my blog….ok I tried to take a week off from my blog, but I just couldn’t. I don’t really hate it, I love it! I was just getting a little burned out. That week really helped me rejuvenate and I thought of a lot of great ideas for my blog during it!

– I’m excited to jump back in! Traffic is increasing every day, sales are increasing…slowly, but they’re increasing. I can do this!

Month 5

– Oh my word, sales are finally picking up! I made more this month than the last five months combined!

– I can’t believe all that time I spent is finally paying off! I’m so glad I didn’t quit!

– Traffic has more than tripled and is growing every single day because of the strategies from my training!

Month 6

– My sales doubled again! I’m so close to bridging the gap between my income and expenses!

Every Blogger Goes Through it So Why Not Give Back?

Every blogger goes through a roller coaster similar to what I described above.

There are few things more frustrating than putting your all into something and seeing little to no return for your time.

Most bloggers hit that four, five, or six-month wall then decide it’s not worth it. Or they come to the conclusion that blogging doesn’t work.

The sad thing is, that often happens right when they’re on the brink of success!

You saw that with my story. I was ready to give up and, the very next month is when my blog took off.

I’ve heard similar stories from so many other bloggers.

When it comes to any challenge in life, too many people quit when they’re 90% of the way there.

If you’re through that blogging wall, or even if you aren’t, why not help somebody else that is going through it?

One of my favorite sayings is from Zig Ziglar. He says, “You can have anything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

I believe that with all I am and I’ve seen it over and over in my life.

Few things make me happier than an opportunity to help somebody in need.

That’s why I started this blog!

I hoped to give other moms the motivation and resources they needed to overcome any challenges they might be facing.

Whether that’s getting back in shape after a baby, getting through a difficult pregnancy, raising kids, or building a successful blog, I want to help you!

5 Easy Ways to Give Back as a Blogger

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1) Use Their Affiliate Links!

If you’re a blogger and you make money through affiliate links, you know how much each sale means.

When you have a certain product you need to purchase, try finding an affiliate promoting that product and buy it through their link.

You were going to buy the item anyway and it costs you nothing extra to buy it through their link. Sometimes you’ll even get a discount doing so!

As I buy things, I like to search for reviews on the product and click on the 3rd or 4th page in Google.

I find one of the reviews that are ranked lower in Google and buy the product through their link.

The reason I pick one from page 3 or 4 is that’s usually where you’ll find the bloggers who are struggling or just getting started.

That sale could be what motivates them to get to the next level. It takes you less than five minutes so why not 🙂

2) Leave Comments on Their Website, Especially if They Ask For It

If you read a product review or a blog post, take a minute or two to leave a review. Leave a word of encouragement if you can!

Blogs with more comments and reader engagement tend to rank higher in search engines.

Even if it’s just a little boost, your comment could help them to get more traffic. It will also mean a lot to them!

As a blogger, I think you have a responsibility to respond to user’s comments and thank them for their time. It only helps you and gives you away to interact with your audience!

Don’t forget, your readers are everything!

3) Repin Their Posts on Social Media

If you’re trying to grow a social media account, or you’ve gone through that in the past, you know how much it means to have others repin/share your posts.

Especially when you’re just getting started and you have little to no reach on the social media platform.

When you find a pin/posts that interests you, repin/add it to one of your own boards or your own account.

Many bloggers refuse to post anything but their own content to their social media accounts.

Sometimes they do so because they feel like helping another blogger be successful is only going to hurt them.

Others just don’t see any benefit they get from doing so.

There’s nothing wrong with that. However, after going through the struggles of a blogger and growing social media accounts myself, I take any opportunity to help others through it!

4) Recommend their Website to Others

All of us have found websites that have been a great resource for us.

When you find those websites, recommend them to friends and family. Give them a shout out on social media!

5) If they Have a Product You’d Benefit from, Consider Buying It

Lastly, the bread and butter of many blogs are their personal products.

If you are searching for something and you find it on an E-Commerce site but it’s also on a personal blog or an Etsy store, consider buying it from one of them instead.

You never know what difference your sale could make for them.

I’ve had so many sales that I would have quit without because I thought I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Especially if you’re spending the money anyway, why not help out a fellow blogger!

What stage are you at on your website? Are you still in the first couple months? What difference would or has any of the above actions made for you?

Let me know by leaving a comment below! I do answer all of them!



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4 thoughts on “How to Give Back as a Blogger and Why You Should

  1. Excellent post, Julie!

    You hit so many nails on the head with this piece, I don’t even know where to start! I can relate to so much of what you’ve just said. I’m currently going into my 12th month of blogging and I actually took 2 months off just out of total despair. I wasn’t making any money and still felt like I knew nothing about internet marketing and web design.

    I picked it up again and waala! I made my first sale (a whopping £1.20). I then made four more tiny sales in the same month and noticed traffic suddenly start to double. It goes to show that perseverance and discipline are key! I’m still very much as the beginners stage but it proves that the hard work pays off and the feeling is amazing when you make that first sale!

    1. Thank you so much, it’s great to hear that other bloggers can relate to these also!
      Congratulations on hitting the one year mark! I know that isn’t easy!

      Only taking two months off is pretty amazing. That first year is so difficult to get through and you’re constantly questioning yourself and if things are really working.
      I’m happy to hear that things picked up once you got back into blogging. Your sales might be small now but everyone starts with low numbers. Just keep going and make sure you have your goals clearly outlined. Having that goal-oriented direction makes all the difference in the world!

      I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you so much for this!

    This is a great reminder that when we’re working hard to make our blog a success so are so many others! 

    I really loved these ways to give back as a blogger, especially the idea of finding a newer blog and using one of their affiliate links. Those first couple sales mean everything!

    1. Thank you!
      I agree, those first couple months are some of the hardest! You hit so many roadblocks and get to a point where you really just want to give up.
      What pulls you through is the small sales and successes. They might even be $1.00 sales but they make such a difference!

      I’ll always remember that feeling and I love being able to give it to another blogger!

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