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The Best Hands Free Breast Pump You’ll Ever Find – It’s So Convenient!

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best hands free pump for moms

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive this pump for free. It was recommended by a friend who loved it so I paid full price for it to try it myself. This is what I thought and how it compared to other pumps for me.

After four kids, I’ve had the opportunity to try a few different pumps.

Some were downright horrible and I threw them out because they were too painful. Others worked ok, but I still had one big problem with them.

Even with a good pump, pumping is so inconvenient and takes up a ton of time! As mothers, we don’t have enough time in the day as it is.

If you’re pumping, you have to sit and hold the breast shields in place for 15-25 minutes every couple hours.

There is nothing you can do at the same time, except watch a movie and hope your newborn baby doesn’t start crying.

When I pump, I hope my kids in the other room don’t get into anything or make a big mess.

As a mother, you’ll agree it’s never a good idea to leave your kids alone for long stretches of time.

Especially as they get older and start getting into everything. All it takes is a couple minutes alone and you might come back to marker on the wall, food on the floor, or a big mess to clean up.

Now imagine doing that every 2-3 hours depending on how often your baby needs to eat.

It’s very stressful and it just doesn’t work!

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Pumping At Work is Also Very Difficult

If you’re a working mom and you’re still pumping, you need somewhere private that you can go every 2-3 hours to pump.

If you’re lucky, you have a private place to pump at work, but many moms don’t. I’ve had times where I had to go out to my car and pump because there was nowhere else.

Every time, it’s either really hot outside or extremely cold. Either way, it’s very uncomfortable to sit in the car for up to half an hour and pump.

If you’re paid hourly, it’s also a lot of lost work hours!

What you really need is a pump you can use at your desk that’s discreet. One that doesn’t require you to undress and allows you to keep working while you pump.

Sounds like an impossible dream doesn’t it?

I thought so.

best pump for working moms

I never considered it might actually be possible until a friend introduced me to a pump that does exactly that.

It was a couple months before I was due with my 4th son and she’d had twins the year before.

To my surprise, she came over to visit one day and told me she was still pumping for her twins who were almost 8 months old.

I couldn’t imagine how. Pumping that long for one kid is hard enough! I’d certainly never been able to. She was also working full time.

I asked how she does it and she told me a co-worker had introduced her to a pump that does exactly what I described above.

She told me she’d actually had several instances when she’d been in her office pumping, a coworker came in to talk, and the entire time didn’t realize she was pumping.

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What Is the Best Hands Free Breast Pump?

The pump she was using to do this was a set of Freemie Collection Cups.freemie pump

The Freemie Cups are actually a pumping attachment that can be used with just about any electric pump.

Freemie does make a small discreet pump that can be purchased with the cups, but if you have an electric pump already, there’s no need to buy their pump.

I’d already bought an amazing Medela pump that I can’t say enough good about after one of my other kids were born.

When I purchased the Freemie cups, I was able to attach the tubes it came with to my Medela. The suction was very good and it worked just as good as the breast shields had when I’d used them.

The difference was, I really could do just about anything while I pumped!

How Does the Freemie Work?

The Freemie Cups are two small cups that fit in the palm of your hand. hands free pump

Each cup holds up to 8 ounces in it.

The way it works is, you take each cup and slide it into your bra. Once they’re in place, attach one of the tubes to each cup.

After that, all you’ve got to do is turn on your pump and let it do the work. Your bra holds the cups in place and you get to pump hands free for as long as you want.

I found that with the Freemie, I often pumped longer than I regularly would because it was so easy! I wasn’t counting down the minutes until I could stop.

Once the cups are full, or you feel like you’ve pumped long enough, you can turn off the pump and remove the cups one at a time.

Be careful to make sure they don’t spill and pour them into a bottle or a milk bag.

It’s that easy. You never have to take your shirt off. Just slip your hand under your shirt and put the cups in your bra.

* Photo Credit: Freemie Pumping Guide at Amazon

What Are Some Other Hands-Free Options?

There are other hands-free options out there besides the Freemie. However, there is not one I’ve found that is as convenient as the Freemie.

There are pumping bras you can purchase that hold the breast pump shields in place, but I don’t think these can be compared to the Freemie.

Yes, they’re hands-free (unless they come loose), but you still have to take off your shirt to pump. They’re not discreet like the Freemie is.

Some of the other things I’ve noticed about pumping bras are:

  • The bras don’t last long, they often need to be replaced after a month or two (If you’re lucky)
  • There are often extra attachments you have to pay for so they’ll work (You’ll end up paying more for these than you will for a Freemie unless you buy one and it happens to be one that doesn’t break)
  • Some can’t be worn like a regular bra so you have to take off your shirt and replace your bra with the pumping bra every time you need to pump.
  • They look cheaper at first glance but are you really only going to buy one? And what about the attachments that come with them? Ultimately pumping bras are more expensive than the Freemie and they don’t last as long!

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What Are Some of the Downsides of the Freemie?

I love the Freemie but there have been complaints about it. Here are some of the biggest ones I found so you can judge for yourself.

1) The Cups are Noticeable Under Your Shirt

The Freemie cups are big enough to hold 8 ounces in each one. So yes, when you put them on under your shirt, if somebody looks close, they’ll definitely notice them.

It doubles the size of your chest when you use them. I don’t see this as a downside myself because the convenience far outweighs any of the negatives.

I would rather have the cups big enough to hold all my milk, then have to keep taking them out, pour the milk into a bottle when they get full, then continue pumping.

With the 8 ounce cups, I never had to remove the cups, empty them, then put them back in to pump during a single session.

It’d be nice to have a smaller cup size as an option for times you know you aren’t going to get as much milk. However, I don’t think it’s a big problem that they’re noticeable if someone looks for them.

2) The Milk Spills if You Aren’t Careful

Another common complaint I’ve found about the Freemie is spilled milk.

While you’re using the pump you do need to sit/stand up straight. You can’t hunch over and pick up things off the floor.

You can bend your knees to pick up something, but if you lean over, the milk in the cups might spill.

This is true and I’ll admit it took a little getting used to. However, the alternative is: my hands are full, I have to take my shirt off while I pump, and I can’t do anything for up to half an hour.

With that in perspective, I’m fine with sitting/standing up straight while I pump. At least I can do something! I don’t have to hide in my room or car while I pump.

Once you finish pumping you also need to make sure you place the cups on a level surface.

Just like a bottle would spill if you placed it on an uneven surface, the cups will also spill and you’ll lose all your milk. I did have this happen to me once.

I’ve also had it happen with regular breast pump shields. I don’t think it’s a reason to not use the Freemie cups.

3) Tubing is Short so You Can’t Go Far From the Pump

This is true. The tubing is just as long as tubing for regular breast pump shields. However, if I needed to do something, I’d plug the pump into an outlet close to where I needed to be. You can even use an extension cord if you need.

Using the Freemie, I’ve been able to cook dinner for my kids, wash dishes, clean off the counters, feed my son from a bottle, read my older boys a story, and so much more while I pump.

Another option that wasn’t available when my last son was born is the latest version of the Freemie. It’s a rechargeable, battery-powered pump that truly gives you the freedom to go anywhere while you pump!


4) Some Have said the Freemie Hurts to Use

When I used the Freemie, it didn’t hurt any more than the other pumps I’ve used. Pumping is always a little uncomfortable but not downright painful.

In the past, I’ve used pumps that were so painful I cried.

This never happened once when I was using the Freemie. I’ve also recommended it to quite a few people since I tried it. Not one of them has come back saying it’s extra painful to use.

Most electric pumps allow you to adjust the settings on the pump so you can control the suction on it. If you did find the Freemie painful, I’d recommend trying different settings on your pump.

Using the Freemie is just like using breast pump shields except you don’t have to hold it in place.

I’d say if you’ve adjusted the settings and it’s still extra painful, try a different pump.

I Think You’ll Agree it’s the Best Hands Free Breast Pump You’ll Ever Find

If you’ve ever used another pump then switched to the Freemie, I think you’ll agree it’s the best hands-free breast pump on the market.

It’s the only option I’ve found that is discreet, lasts long, and is truly hands-free.

It works with most electric pumps or has an adapter that makes so you can use whatever pump you currently have.

The Freemie works with Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Avent, and so many other other popular pump brands.

If pumping with breast pump shields has been driving you crazy or just hasn’t been working, you need to try a Freemie!

best breast pump for working moms

Have you had a chance to try the Freemie pump? Do you have any questions about it for me? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

I do answer all of them 🙂



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2 thoughts on “The Best Hands Free Breast Pump You’ll Ever Find – It’s So Convenient!

  1. Actually, back when my wife had my little daughter, hands free pump is definitely something we should have gotten. It really is my fault because we just used whatever the hospital gave us without a second thought.

    It literally takes one hour for my wife to pump out an 8 ounce bottle. She is terrified of the process.

    The Freemie Cups is the way to go man. They are so convenient. Sure, they make your chest look a bit bigger, but at that time, my wife wasn’t working so that isn’t a big deal.

    As for the milk spills, its not a big deal either. My wife will simply watch a movie while doing this. She wasn’t working at that time, so this hands free feature really allows her to relax instead of holding onto the pumps for the hour.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s your fault or your wife’s. When it’s your first kid, it’s hard to know what to expect. After my first son was born, the last thing I was thinking about was the best pump to use.

      As a result, the one I picked was awful and didn’t work.

      Since then, I’ve tried a couple pumps and the Freemie is by far my favorite!

      Hands-free is the way to go for any mom that is pumping. You can take care of your baby, or do whatever else you need to as you pump.

      Your wife is amazing for being able to use a regular pump for an hour at a time! If you happen to have another baby, give her this as a gift. She’ll love it!


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