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All of Your Baby’s First Milestones – 0 to 12 Months!

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Milestones for 0-6 Month Old

Though you might have just given birth, your baby grows so fast! Every day he/she will be hitting new milestones.

The growth that your baby will experience physically and developmentally during their first year of life is nothing short of a miracle! 

It All Starts With Goals/Milestones

Most people call them milestones. However, I like to call them goals.

Milestones are more commonly seen as things your child will learn on their own as they reach a certain age.

A common perspective of milestones is, they’re out of your control.

Your baby will learn to crawl when he learns to crawl. He will learn to walk when he learns to walk and it should just be by a given approximate age.

Let me say first, there is nothing wrong with taking this approach.

If you do, I have no doubt your baby will reach every one of the milestones I’ve listed below. However, if you’ll see them as goals instead and approach them as goals, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your little baby will start to learn things.

Life will get easier every month, and your baby will depend on you a little less each month.

Goals are things you have control over. They’re things you can focus on with your child to help them reach and surpass each milestone for kids their age.

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Baby Milestones

How Do You Set Goals for a Baby?

For a long time, I didn’t think I could set goals for a little baby the way I did with my older kids.

I let my kids learn things in their own time.

With this approach, when my youngest son was five months old, he couldn’t sit up, roll over, or even hold his bottle in his mouth.

Just to see what would happen, I started setting goals for him.

I didn’t think it’d actually speed anything up. After all, he didn’t know what a goal was! But it couldn’t hurt to try.

I first set a goal for him to hold his own bottle.

Every time I gave him a bottle, I wrapped his hands around the bottle and helped him to get a firm grasp on it. Usually, I would just get a blanket to prop it up with.

At first, he dropped the bottle after a couple seconds and would get upset. I couldn’t walk away.

This happened over and over every feeding.

However, to my surprise, just over a week later he was holding his bottle by himself.

I tried setting more goals for him and, within six weeks, he was sitting up, rolling over, and getting around.

I don’t know if you could call it crawling, but he could roll, army crawl, scoot, or do whatever it took to get where he wanted to be.

His progress in just a short amount of time was crazy and it didn’t stop there. By nine months, he was walking steadily if he had something to push in front of him for support.

So yes, you can definitely set goals for your baby!

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Do You Really Need to Set Goals for a Baby?

Most people will instruct you to let your baby go at his or her own pace. They say don’t worry about milestones because they’re sure to meet them eventually on their own.

I did that with my first three boys and yes, they each reached each milestone a baby should reach. Some took longer than others but they got there eventually.

The difference is, my youngest son met many of his 4-6 months sooner than his older brothers did.

There’s nothing wrong it taking longer. It doesn’t make one baby better or smarter than the other, but I’ve really enjoyed seeing his progress and how quickly he can learn!

Don’t Stress About Goals/Milestones

If you want to start setting goals for your baby, I can’t say enough that you shouldn’t stress over it!

Setting the goal means you just take a few minutes each day to help your baby work on his/her goal.

Talk to your baby and let him/her know what their current goal is and how proud of them you are. Make sure the goal time you spend with your baby is a happy time!

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Use the time to bond with him/her and enjoy each other’s company. Praise every success they have, but if your baby fails and fails again, don’t get frustrated. 

Let them go at their own pace but just add a focus on their current goal for both of you. Spend just a little amount of time each day, focusing on that one goal.

If you approach their milestones in this manner, you’ll find some will take just a couple days, others will take weeks. However long it is, just enjoy watching your baby learn!

These goals have done so much for me to bring me closer to my baby. Every goal he meets makes me so proud of him. He also enjoys the time together because he can feel the pride I have for him.

The same can be said for all four of my boys. Our goals have brought us much closer together as a family.

Milestones for Your 0-6 Month Old

  • Nurse/Bottle Feed
  • Lift my Head w/out Support
  • Sleep through the Night
  • Eat, Wake, Sleep Schedule
  • Smile Back at People
  • Laugh
  • Hold Bottle
  • Start Making Talking Noises
  • Sit Up w/out Support
  • Roll Over
  • Respond to My Name
  • Start Eating Baby Cereal
  • Start Crawling and Getting Around

0-6 Month Old Milestones

Milestones for your 6-12 Month Old

  • Crawl
  • Start Eating Solids
  • Say Please in Sign Language
  • Say Thank You in Sign Language
  • Sleep in My Own Room
  • Walk with Support
  • Stand Up Without Support
  • Play Peek a Boo
  • Understand the Word No and Stop Current Activity
  • Drink from a Cup
  • Sit Quiet on Parent’s Lap
  • Says First Words
  • Walk without Support

6-12 Month Old Milestones

These goals and milestones are great ones for you and your baby to focus on during their first year.

They aren’t in any certain order, you can pick one as you feel your baby is ready.

Your baby might be ready for some sooner and others later than I’ve listed here.

If it takes longer for your baby to reach any of the goals, don’t stress over it. Just enjoy the learning time with your baby!

You’ll never get these years back and, if they’re done right, these goals can bring the two of you so much closer together!

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What do you think of setting goals for a young baby? What do you think of the goals listed here? Do you have others you think should be added or questions for me?

Let me know by leaving a comment below! I do answer all of them!



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4 thoughts on “All of Your Baby’s First Milestones – 0 to 12 Months!

  1. Hi Julie! When we had our daughter, I had no idea that I could actually set goals for her! It just didn’t even occur to me! I remember when she was born, she was just below the weight and length mark because she was born premature. I remember wondering how long it would take for her to sit up by herself, roll over, crawl. One day we were out at a restaurant and my husband put her on the floor with a toy and she rolled over for the first time! We were elated! Wonderful information you have shared here for new moms! Alanna

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂

      Kids really are amazing and the rate they grow at is just incredible!

      It’s so amazing how quickly they start to understand the world around them and what they can accomplish when you work with them consistently.

  2. Setting goals for such a young child seems crazy but if it works as you say it does, then why not?. It is like accelerated learning for gifted children. I love the idea of stretching them and recording their progress. I believe most children benefit from all the time and attention we can give them in those very formative years. I am sure many young mums and dads will love this approach. I am a great grand mum and I loved reading your findings and experience of seeing a young baby through these milestones in their first year.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you saying so 🙂

      It seemed crazy to me at first too but it worked and continues to every day in our home. As long as I’m consistent in keeping them focused on their goals, I’ve found my kids can do so much more than I ever thought was possible at their age!

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